The Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration of Indonesia(MOMT) holds Group Employment Interviews at the Center for Vocational & Extension Service Training@ (CEVEST) in the north of Jakarta for newly-returned Technical Interns on the day following their return after having completed a three years' the TITP, and those who have not found employment within a year of having returned to Indonesia.

Group Emplyment Interviews have been scheduled at CEVEST in 2012 fiscal year as follows (Apr. 2013 - Mar. 2014):

Returnees' return date
Entry group no.
2015/03/13 2015/03/12 A23-11
2015/04/17 2015/04/16 A24-01
2015/05/15 2015/05/14 A24-02
2015/06/12 2015/06/11 A24-03
2015/07/10 2015/07/09 A24-04
2015/08/21 2015/08/20 A24-05
2015/09/18 2015/09/17 A24-06
2015/10/16 2015/10/15 A24-07
2015/11/20 2015/11/19 A24-08
2015/12/04 2015/12/03 A24-09
2016/01/15 2016/01/14 A24-10
2016/02/19 2016/02/18 A24-11
2016/03/18 2016/03/17 A24-12
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    Interview venue

Upon completing a three years' TITP in Japan, returned Technical Interns have acquired the skills, technologies, and information associated with the types of occupation in which they trained, as well as the Japanese language and customs, working culture, and so forth. They are employed mainly by Japanese-owned companies situated in Indonesia, and play a vital role at the middle management (foremen) level at many companies in Indonesia. Owners and managers of Indonesian companies who are looking for skilled middle management employees are strongly recommended to participate in these Group Emplyment Interviews.

Venue The Center for Vocational & Extension Service Training (CEVEST)
Location Jl. Guntur Raya No.1, Desa, Kayuringin, Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia, 17144
Phone 021-885-3853 Fax 021-885-3853
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Please fill out the required details, and send to the following address
To: the MOMT

Direktorat Bina Pelatihan Kerja
Departmen Tenaga Kerja Dan Transmigrasi
JL. Gatot Subroto Kav.51, Jakarta 12950
Republik Indonesia

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IM Japan has learned that MOMT is planning to hold Group Interviews in regional cities as well for Technical Interns who have not found employment within one year of returning to Indonesia.

Details will be posted on this web site as soon as they become available. All are welcome to participate.

MOMT holds Employment Support Forums for Japanese-owned companies and others in Indonesia, providing information pertaining to the employment of IM Japan Technical Interns after their return to Indonesia. The forum contains case studies featuring examples of the employment of returned Technical Interns that will be presented by Japanese-owned companies who have employed returned IM Japan Technical Interns. Explanations about Group Emplyment Interviews are also given.

The forums are generally held annually either in Jakarta or a regional city. When held in a regional city, Group Emplyment Interviews are held at the same time.

Details will be posted on this web site as soon as they become available. All are welcome to participate.

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